The Satisfied Working Mother Method

Master your Time, your Energy, & the paralysis of Perfection

Yes Please, I'm in!

It's completely possible to be a Working Mother

and have enough Energy to do it all without being constantly Overwhelmed...

And not feel like you are burning the candle at both ends!

This course is for you if you are...

  • Depleted - doing things when you don't feel like it
  • Burning the candle at both ends
  • Doing all the things you can - and still feeling short
  • Feels like life said NO to you- your dreams

Or feel like you are...

  • Chasing Happy - "I'll be happy when / or if"
  • You're snappy - but THAT is not really you
  • Trying ALL the things - Time blocking/organizing
  • Having big ideas but your just hustling ALL THE TIME

The Problem is you don't have the energy to do it all...

  • There isn't enough hours in the day
  • I feel Overwhelmed
  • I feel like I'm short changing my kids
  • There's not enough energy to do it all 
  • There's not enough time for my relationships

But it isn't that you lack Energy - It's that You're leaking it...

  • Not enough rest
  • Skip Exercise 
  • Skip meals or not eat nutrient dense food
  • Not maintain boundaries... Say Yes then you should've said No
  • Don't ask for help - but you're doing too much

What if you could...

Plug the energy leaks that stop you from reaching your mission, your passion, your goals and big life desires

You knew when and where - you are stuck in a productivity cycle and headed for burnout...

You knew how to sync with your natural, innate feminine energy cycle - to finally create harmony and feel satisfaction in the way you operate in your work, relationships, family, and in your own body

You knew a core, simplistic, effective way to set and achieve goals that work with every facet and season of your life. 

How would it feel like if you lived life Energized - instead of frazzled or depleted

The Satisfied Working Mother Method

You will be a Master of your time, not a slave to the 24 hour daily grind

You’ll learn how to recognize the steps, and how to avoid burn out. Eliminate the time wasters, work inspired and filter and focus on your most important outcomes.

You will bit by bit piece by piece begin to FEEL like you have time for your life

You can't have a happy ending to an unhappy journey

You'll learn processes to overcome committing to other peoples "should's" that keep you stuck in other agendas - not germinating or cultivating the life you desire. You'll learn to understand and tune in to the yeses and the No’s of your body, & let go of judgement of yourself and others - it limits your beliefs, & your actions and your life goals!

Perfection paralyzes & sabotages your fulfilling life, & robs you of your bigger goals

Energy naturally flows & replenishes... here's HOW

You'll learn processes to working with your feminine body and replenish your natural energy. Learning the phases & season & how to support energy from cues - this planet - the moon- included - you'll learn to set goals in a harmoniously new and achievable way!

Its time to biohack your life!

The Satisfied Working Mother Method

~ Self Paced ~


Open to fit Your Schedule

Start today - or when you are ready. Course access open upon registration

Study when your schedule allows -Presentations recorded for ease of access.

Digital resources are downloadable Resources to help, cheatsheets, check lists, Roadmaps, Diagrams... tools for processes.

12 Month Access - No race to complete. You'll have plenty of time work through all 3 Pillars

What Working Supermoms Said...

"Putting aside the fact that I have hormonal imbalance attributing to some things, I found knowing that my cycle correlated with certain events in my body every month was so awakening and answered so many questions. I have always felt there is more to what is going on, and we are after all just matter which is energy! This added to how I feel and connected the pieces gave me tools to understand why I am feeling certain ways at certain times. Loved it!"

- Courtney McGlinchy

"I loved the reference sheets! Since I'm not an avid tracker... ok, I don't track at all... it took a while to figure out where in the process I was. I'm really visual... I also found it mind-blowing that there were different foods that worked better in different phases. Since I'm not in tune with my body and fight it most days, I learned why I tend to have meltdowns on a fairly regular bases."

- Victoria Backerman

"This was brand new information, that just made super sense. A great class to help us in our everyday life. The cycling of the moons and how it affects our bodies, putting this info into planning our month to be optimal in our lives, families & business. The visuals are important for me, with the ability to go back and watch the videos. I love that you’ve given the notes. So we could relax and take in what you were saying. Content was brand new to me, I loved that."

- Jo Ann Sweet

Hi, I’m Emily Bigelow 

For over a decade I have coached Working SuperMoms to align and achieve their dreams...

I believe in going well while doing good.

 I am a Woman helping women. In the heat of it, working, raising kids, while doing everything else.

I believe the next generation of happy thriving children starts with fulfilled, happy, moms NOW.

What you can expect inside

Each of the 3 Pillars - contains 3 Elements


Mastery of Synergistic Energy

1 - Your Hormone Phases - like Patterns on the Planet

2 - Your Hormones in your Cycle

3 - Goals as good as Gold - Set to your Season


Mastery of Time

1 - The Burn Out Cycle

2- Inspired Action

3 - Most Important Outcome


Mastering the Cult of Perfection

1 - Emotions

2 - Its Your Body Talking

3 - People Pleasing

Video Trainings - Digital Downloads

Real life Processes - For Real Busy Moms

Video trainings - on the go or when you can

Digital Downloads - Guides, blueprints, cheatsheets and checklists - Everything to make it easy

Take Your Time ...

If you did 1 element a week (recommended pace) which is a video or 2 per week, you'd wrap up in 9 weeks.

You have access to the course for 12 months - so take all the time you need. Plus you may want to go back and rewatch!

Your Happily Ever after begins NOW

Today is the day, and NOW is your time

Stop putting yourself last

You don't need to wait for your kids to be a little older & more independent, or for their sport season to end, or for your big project at work to complete... for the weekend, for Monday, for a few months or next year, to "find the time"to start toward the things that improve YOU.

I promise you'll love this, or your money back.

Any issues email


What material is inside the course?

The course contains training videos along with digital downloads

How long does it take to complete the course?

Self Paced so you can do it as fast or as slow as you would like. There are 3 pillars, each pillars has 3 elements. The trainings average 20- 30 min and there is a visual download that accompanies so you can always quick reference material.

How do I access the content?

Once you register, a link will be sent with your private log in and access. You will be able to use a laptop/desktop or mobile device

What is your Happiness Guarantee policy?

Sign up and dive in. If after the first 14 days of consumed content you feel as though I haven’t delivered at least 2X the amount of actionable ideas, advices and insights, I will happily refund your money in full. No questions asked. Just email in to before 8:59 pm PST within 14 days of your purchase date. This is my guarantee to you.

"You are a light in a confused world & a guide to so many lives. Thank you for everything that you do & are. You give me permission for my light to shine"

- Courtney

"I truly cannot express how grateful I am to you and the amount of support you've given me. What a life changing experience! I know you played a LARGE part in helping me reach my long awaited and very much needed goal! You are a ROCKSTAR!"

- Amber

"Thank you for inviting me to step up. I needed to get refocused and the challenge really helped me! This is a true blessing!"

- Natalie